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If My Four-Year-Old Can Do This, So Can I!

This blog has been churning in my head for years with the goal being to leave a legacy for our kids as well as our grandkids. But, as usual, fear would always overtake me (have you ever been there?) and I would put it on the back burner (whereever that is) and one day I’d get brave and DO IT!

Then one afternoon I had my baby grandson Ensley, (he’s 4, but he’s our baby), over and he was doing a review on a product that he loved and he said, “Mamaw, video me” and just started talking…no fear, no procrastination, just did it!

It was at that moment that I decided if Ensley could do it, so can I!

So, as this blogging journey begins I will be sharing memories of days-gone-by of all (ok most) the things: how I met my HSS (high school sweetheart), how we became a family, how our families have influenced my palette and taught me all the secret recipes from their arsenal.

I will also share how to clean, decorate, love Jesus and love others and how I have attempted to teach my babies to do the same. Sprinkled in along the way will be hilarious stories of these precious grandkids.

Perhaps you know that old phrase: “You see my GLORY but you don’t know my STORY.” Well, on this blog I will share mostly the GLORY parts of these stories, but trust me I have plenty of stories to go along with the GLORY and if prompted I will share.

You are so welcome to ride along this crazy, sometimes bumpy, always entertaining road with me. As my Mamaws always said, “There’s always room for one more at the table.”

The food will be mostly Mississippi/Texan aka known as Texippian and the stories will be…well just come along with me and find out…I don’t think you will regret the ride.